Designed for the shock absorber lock of the base shears located on the right and left sides in the base bottom case, this product is bi-directional and provides easy installation to our customers with easy installation on the right side or left side, as well as providing quick solutions to the staff in the base manufacturing process. Baza safety lock is the most preferred product by customers in terms of both a stylish design and usage and robustness in terms of content. The base safety lock, which is standard size and size, also offers many different color options. The base safety lock is not a very hard material. The base safety lock produced from Copolimer pp material prevents breakage with its flexible structure and does not damage the upper cover section of the base or the scissor and base shock absorber parts even if the lock is attached. Mold Mold company started its service in 2010 by manufacturing plastic molds and plastic parts in many sectors such as automotive spare parts, white goods, electrical, electronics, tablet cases, panel fence plastics etc. and then entered the furniture sector in line with the demand that followed.In 2021, our plastic and mold profession in the furniture sector aimed to bring new products to our customers with our quality priority principle. As Mold Mold, we have created a new brand. As BAZAMOB, we continue our work by entering the production of furniture base accessory plastic parts and saying quality is our priority in the sector.