5 cm wide round plinth that prevents your materials in the plinth from being exposed to any adverse weather conditions. It is a product that allows air to breathe inside. The hole diameter is 6mm and air passage is provided in the air capsule. There is 1 air capsule in single bed bases and 2 air capsules in double bed bases. The air capsules in the chest section of the base prevent the formation of moisture and dampness. Even if the base is closed for a long time, odor does not occur with the air circulation provided by the air capsules. As a Mold Mold company, in 2010 Automotive spare parts, White goods, Electricity, Electronics, Tablet cases, Panel fence plastics etc. It started its service by manufacturing plastic molds and plastic parts of many sectors and then entered the furniture sector in line with the demand. As Mold Kalıp, we created a new brand. As BAZAMOB, we continue our work by saying quality is our priority in the sector by entering the production of furniture base accessories plastic parts.