Base profile corner turn 30 mm x 30 mm square base top case is a product used by our customers with its frequent flexible design taken in the form of a semicircle, which is also used for safety purposes placed in the rear corner and front corner points. The base profile corner turn part is also designed to eliminate the risk of any injury to the base profile corner turn part, as the corners of the upper case profile are sharp during opening or closing the top cover. Mold Mold company started its service in 2010 by manufacturing plastic molds and plastic parts in many sectors such as automotive spare parts

, white goods, electrical, electronics, tablet cases, panel fence plastics etc. and then entered the furniture sector in line with the demand that followed.In 2021, our plastic and mold profession in the furniture sector aimed to bring new products to our customers with our quality priority principle. As Mold Mold, we have created a new brand. As BAZAMOB, we continue our work by entering the production of furniture base accessory plastic parts and saying quality is our priority in the sector.