The base fixed handle is printed from the original Copolimer pp material and offers flexible strength and aesthetically stylish design. The base fixed handle is also among the most preferred products of base manufacturers with its 30 35 40 and 48 models. The fixed handle to the base eliminates the sensation of pain in your hand in terms of sitting on the hand compared to metal handles. The base is offered at a fixed price and at a more economical price than other types of handles. The base fixed handle is very easy to install and is designed to prevent time wasting. Drilling in the upper case profile in the base fixed handle iron handles is very important both in terms of time and cost, eliminating the extra workmanship event. The base fixed handle also offers different color options white, black, brown, beige, cream color varieties and is important for companies that manufacture basa. The base fixed handle is an unbreakable flexible product due to its flexible strength structure.