Mold design project, rather than just general information about the transfer mold construction, and applying on a track. In conventional construction, and simplified calculations are made in the light of experience and fulfills the function of the mold but are tried and tested starting production. This situation leads to longer part of the process and to the production of high processing costs. These trials can be held before the boundary and finite element methods such as production patterns using mathematical methods. The development of computer technology, the increased computing capability and will help with the reduction of installation costs during the constructors mold design analysis techniques, the practice has become feasible. In this way, mold manufacturing time and cost is reduced. The project, referred to the analysis produced by the method is intended to help mold technique is based on the design of the mold of a desired part. Mold design varies depending on the material to be shaped product. Products chosen as the overall structure of detail and material ABS plastic, features are briefly discussed. Sections that describe the process of injection molding machine and the router information includes design pattern is reduced in quality and design need in this project. The projection area of ​​the product; wall thickness and the injection pressure determine the clamping force required by the material parameters affect equipment to be used. Product geometry of the smallest die size and number of plates that can be used indirectly limits the thickness. Mold parts used can be provided as finished products. In the selection of products that give a complex and manufacturer’s details, such as the breast, of the material molded product to be carriers it is taken into consideration depending on parameters such as advice given by weight. Products made by considering the conditions of the mold geometry and sort based on calculation and experience, to be supplied parts have been selected. CAD environment, product design, mold is made with SolidWorks software. All steps explain possible causes and solutions of the problems. Shrinkage by performing calculations in the design of the CAD environment and constructive errors that may interfere with the operation of the mold is easily predictable. Ready parts manufacturers, the products offer the user into digital catalogs. Mold design to the CAD environment, facilitates the insertion of ready parts and shorten the design process. As soon as the calculation of the product to exit the machine must be considered. So most of the time the production phase affecting the part of the cooling system is design. Channel sizing die and thermal properties of plastic materials, based on ambient conditions and manufacturing precision, there are many parameters affecting the cooling time and because the efficiency of the design. It is impossible to identify all of these parameters and create a formula that may include, but are some of the approaches and experiences based on empirical results. This information is designed to mold the design of the cooling channels, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) based on the method tested through V5 MOLDFLOW PLASTICS INSIGHT software and improvements were made. Stuffed into the mold, flow, affects the mechanical properties of the product. Flow analysis was done and analyzed potential problems. The product comes out of the mold have different temperatures at different points, will trigger internal stresses and distortions will occur. Active cooling is to reduce shock. Distortion analysis of FEM (Finite Element Method) still to be solved by the use of MOLDFLOW program .. The method is very important. Analysis of those who perceive the mathematical infrastructure programs, attention paid to the selection of parameters, reflecting the fact that the only condition for receiving results. Beyond the use of the program, the options that affect the infrastructure of the value and mathematical analysis, these effects have been described. Mold mold, automotive, white goods, medical, furniture and many other industries for 18 years experienced engineers with CAD / CAM and CNC technology serves in particular mold design and manufacturing. Mold is one of the sector in our country, unfortunately, has been restoring the sector is undervalued for many years. It never was seen as an area to earn money. The money did not die until recently the main industry, the spread on the part of the mold depreciation costs, have prevented the development of this sector. The increase in recent years in vehicle development, some major industrial firms have started a vitality in the market by increasing and begin to pay mold of money people who are the main industries need high quality mold of the number of parts with the possibility of exporting technological opportunities to upgrade enforcement and abroad. Product development, Mold until the whole process can take responsibility for the process plant commissioning in customers mold and die design, and successfully serves the domestic and overseas customers. Our team of experts in mold design continues with firm steps forward with pride and excitement of being a solution partner for its customers. All of the 3D mold design Mold kalıp’ is done with SolidWorks software. Mold Tooling design office, designs, created with experience in automotive, “Mold Mold Design Standards” or “Customer mold design standards” by which to make. Process design made with SolidWorks and offers quick solutions to their customers. Upon completion of the company Mold mold mold design, mold production file containing two-dimensional image is created. Then set any CAM program and production will be transferred to the station responsible. Thereafter, the high-tech CNC machines, Wire EDM machines, EDM is all done using the lower part of the mold manufacturing machines. If all took part in the collection of mold produced stage comes into play craftsmen with high expertise. Sub-assembly of the mold is formed. All exercises are done. Parts requiring heat treatment is sent to heat treatment. All further processing of the molds is carried out at this stage. Thus, molds are made separately collected male and female sides together, seizures made last review and shuts down. Finally, hydraulic and water connections are positioned and controlled. Definitions of tags necessary to mold is placed in the mold. Mold locks that are important for safety plugs and molds are now ready to print the first sample. Original details are tried in accordance with customer expectations. Mold Mold is organized in order to meet customer needs in the design and manufacture of advanced die system. Mold design and production units to ensure excellence in interdisciplinary serve together throughout the entire process. Mold is one of the industry sector in our country did not get the credit it deserves for many years. It never was seen as an area to earn money. Until recent years the main industry mold to avoid paying the money, spread over part of the mold depreciation costs, it has prevented the development of this sector. The increase in recent years in vehicle development, some major industrial firms have started a vitality in the market with increased quality and mold making the need for molds hear the main industry money and start paying the number of parts with the possibility of exporting technological opportunities to upgrade enforcement and abroad.