QUALITY POLICY plastic, rubber, metal, aluminum parts manufacturing products and mold manufacturing company who has adopted the following principles as the quality policy; Legal and regulatory requirements regarding the quality of our activities at all stages of agreeing to rules compliance; Perfect for our customers, reliable, to provide quality products and services; is the basis of our quality policy. Sales of environmentally friendly production concept before and after-sales service policy accepting mold mold, quality and all of their experiences in the production, development, combining open technology, the future of productivity to meet, develop our education knowledge and skills to improve the quality of the staff on our accumulated experience, in all its activities quality and take customer satisfaction principles, ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System fulfills the requirements of the standard and is committed to continuous improvement of efficiency. Every strategy and for each decision will be created in Mold Mold to be taken, Total Quality Management adhering to the principles of the company’s market share, competitiveness, our principle is to improve the quality of safety and profitability through continuous improvement work to do. Targeting zero defects of Total Quality Management, considering the fact that our production can not be carried out individually, Total Quality Concept to be adopted for all employees with continuous training. MOLD MOLD Each product should have a clear quality advantage in its market segment. Each time MOLD MOLD employees and should do the job properly at one time. Product quality and service demanded in producing cheaper than our competitors, delivering customer satisfaction should be in place in time. Capacity utilization and productivity must be closely monitored and new technologies in achieving the highest level of quality. This system and only our customers


, our employees, the company will always work perfectly when we work together with our partners and our suppliers. This is the only way to achieve our common goal. Now the world has become smaller today, information, major advances in technology and communications have a fierce rivalry with each passing day and has led to a race in which new economic development. To survive in the current world order, to all sectors of customer needs and expectations will be realized by the provision of goods and services produced. Since the establishment of this production but also in the design phase, covering all stages of the marketing and after-sales service and continuous development will be aimed at the implementation of the Quality Management System. Today on the Quality Management System TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards, and the application finds the most attention from the date of its publication in 1987, it has become International Standards.