Mold mold rubber mold has entered the area eight years ago has integrated with rubber molds and plastic molding experience has been quite successful. The industry has demonstrated its privileges in the knowledge of its structure with mold manufacturing machine tools cnc machining center more accurate and faster project has provided services to customers. No matter what kind of have the capacity to do all the rubber mold. Mold manufacturing sectors produced all kinds of materials, products, machinery, tools, equipment and sometimes the unthinkable ever be used in various places. Here the conditions under which the desired rubber products which are essential and for what purpose well known that the use and application of the best calculation should be fully known to the external impacts will be exposed to the environment to work the rubber track, which the industrial sector, will be used in which the unit and accordingly production to the required specs of rubber kind to be held is selected. If you or our company produces solutions for your needs of any production, our accumulated manufacturing experience in the rubber industry, can design all kinds of mold manufacturing Products to meet your needs, let’s identify the most accurate and durable product. Rubber molds in our tooling to produce our own house, do the test or tests required in our laboratory unit, you manufacturers turnkey solutions with the advantages of working are offering. Mold mould designed according to the company in various joint bellows type, provide optimal sealing and abrasion resistance knuckle. As it provides protection against humidity and dirty environments affect the life of the rubber track system, in accordance with the pattern works and infrastructure, various rubber mold needs intensive and result of our eager studies we have shown, be a solution partner to our customers in the white goods sector, such as in the automotive sector and continue our success the great effort of our arasındadır.başlı of rubber molding products we make automotive parts products, business machines belonging to the rubber parts molds, metal compounds of various vibration dampers mold, Home Appliances and made molds of pieces of automotive products. Mold making the mold of mold EPDM style products in line with customers’ requests and demands by manufacturing rubber mold has become a solution partner providing fast and affordable service.