Mold your mold made in our organization in the mold within our clients in different sectors, our company has been serving on the plastic side of industrial products, it holds continuous training of its employees and quality by providing continuous improvement at every point on the upper level. We produce between 120 tons and 270 tons of plastic injection molding parts up to 700 grams with our production machines with different clamping forces. Our experienced customer-focused company in the production, starting from the design process of a project you have in mind for you, it can support the entire process. Mold Design, prototyping, costing, testing and transition to production controls and also provides you with the support you need. Modern production line, continues to be a leading company in the sector by investing in new production mold plastic mold technology and best practices. Molds for mass production approved by the customer comes to this section. Plastic molds from production work orders and products created cards will be printed. Our flexible assembly line at our injection molding machines according to our customers the products and / or can be delivered as desired using a hygienic grouping our field. In this way, customers can use the products they receive, without any additional processing. Our company has made itself a piece of plastic mold production trials before delivery to the customer it has its own competence. The investments we have made in mold manufacturing allows us to move faster. In a shorter time, we can respond to our customers’ demands. We have to move towards institutionalization also increases confidence that clients have heard of the firm against us. Quality management we have we spend more effort to make accurate production. Investments to improve ourselves and the machines we have done more to win the customer’s trust of our customers is increasing its commitment to us. We have some investment targets in 2016, this investment we share with our customers. Plastic mold design and mold parts from 2013 also serves on the production of plastic injection molds. In addition, the production of plastic parts, plastic parts assembly, plastic part design and also polyurethane, thermoforming, injection molds and dies cooking and maintenance, modification, revision procedures serve the subject. Customer oriented approach, highly motivated integrated with innovative concepts, team and always has been able to achieve is different mold mold our company, production discipline and marketing is a company that gives confidence and understanding, seen as an indispensable principle of the production philosophy of exchanging a base to hold the highest level of customer satisfaction by turning friendship It has adopted the business policy. Plastic products have become an undisputed part of our lives. Plastic injection method is also the most frequently used method in the production of plastic products. Graduation design projects in our country

, in an academic environment is widely held mold design, using the present facilities, design of mold and realistic steps in the construction of a product contains the knowledge needed to use the computer. Plastic injection molding production specialists meet the needs of many sectors of our attachment.