Mold mold models with particularly rapid manufactured parts, such as computer-aided design and prototype molds volume molding offers many advanced and new technology-based solutions in manufacturing prototypes and molds. Mold mold the company’s products to quickly model, rapid prototyping is the ability to respond to needs on a very fast track and quickly mold manufacturing. The world’s leading manufacturer of products in development utilize this system intensively. Mold mold design the computer, which convert physical models and as a result producer of high-quality low-cost products are given the opportunity to produce a new product time to market would have also reduced. To customers compared with conventional processing methods with the production machine or hand it provides a competitive advantage. Mold mold applications concept modeling, rapid prototyping and production in the short term due to serve a very large industry. Automotive, aerospace, electronics, toys and pharmaceutical firms to offer high-speed patterns. Prototype Molds are produced in our company in accordance with the wishes of customers. Prototype mold is used to produce part or to see that the problem of the limited number of parts produced limited number of parts without the original mold. Prototype Molds can also be made from materials such as steel fabrication will be made from aluminum or chromed. Customer demand for prototype tooling and our company to develop prototype products based on their needs, before manufacturing using technological design program by doing all the tests and experiments in three-dimensional design, the desired quality and success can be presented as soon as possible and at low cost. Mold mold tooling design prototypes in giving support needed for fast and high-quality solutions for mold prototype molds as well as the expert team provides solutions to its customers. Prototype mold series to make changes on the mold, giving ideas on preliminary design and application of molds used in production and towards a quick solution on how to get the product, the aim of making prototype molds are built to take a product that is used for the operation of R & D before the final product. This product eliminates the need to fit the mold prototype would be a step to his making the final molds for mass production. Te prototype mold can be reached if the desired results with less cost products arising impasse.