When the upper cover is closed downwards in the inner area, the upper cover and the lower case are evenly held in the plane area and are related to the purpose of use in many base models as 4 different dimensions that prevent them from remaining high and low. The known base bottom case and top case are a more robust, stylish quality developed with the addition of the lower case designed to suit their form and diversified into 4 different sizes. The base stopper is of 4 different sizes and the upper case thickness measure is not fixed and is of variable dimensions, so it is aimed to be more useful solution oriented as a result of the manufacturers demanding different sizes. There are dimensions of 30 mm height, 35 mm height, 40 mm height and 48 mm height. Base stopper stopping is related to the development of base stopping, which keeps the lid and side wall on the same plane during the opening and closing of the lid part of the products used in the furniture industry, which have a floor, divan type internal chest retractable cover assembly, and which prevents the lid from falling down and collapsing, bringing installation conveniences. There are four different dimensions of the product and it is possible to use it in alternative dimensions. The base stopper base is the top cover stopping and its feature is a plastic part that is mounted on the edge areas in the lower case and prevents the top cover from falling down or remaining high at the plane point when the top cover is closed and combines with 4 different dimensions.