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, aluminum casting molds, rubber molds, sheet metal molds, silicone molds, progressive molds, prototype molds, fixtures and apparatus quickly and partner solution providing high quality solutions to its customers with manufacturing is. Experience using the expert team and technological possibilities of creating differences in the mold industry by providing customers with 100% satisfaction is taking firm steps towards becoming a corporate firm. Mold mold especially made mold of a vehicle part by the automotive sector FORD-MERCEDES-FIAT-BMW-RENAULT-AUDI-Toyota as car companies are adding to our country added value by making the mold mold mold company mold manufacturing and will continue to do so. By images to customers weekly mold manufacturing plans and track the stages of the production to an operation dominated the trained issues in the automotive industry project team to their clients in a transparent manner is able to monitor the stages of mold by testing the suitability of the steps in the mold manufacturing plans and in accordance with customer requirements in the mold making time reports on the current status of the mold It offers. Our quality management system should be rules by bringing to the fore the importance we place on quality by adhering to proper and robust mold mold manufacturing in the EU standards in all circumstances and offers solutions to customers with high quality molds. Vestel White goods sector Arçelik-sheet presented by molds and plastic injection molding solutions in this sector. Mold mold manufacturing, as well as plastic injection molding company, printing, rubber printing, sheet metal press printing has been making its customers support services in this area and continues on its way, giving confidently. Molde using the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate of quality system in mold not only to customers running the quality management system that has been shared with customers. Our quality that our mold manufacturing and parts manufacturing enterprise in all units of the company applying to be and that we needed to support our customers and we continue our work praised by acting with awareness of this business. In 2016, taking the TS 16949 we continue to work to continue on our way with confident steps.